Our expert Emergency Maintenance team are

available  24 Hours 7 days

a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problems.  promptly and competently!

Your home deserves the expert skills of a plumber who understands the entire water system on your property from source to disposal. Homeowners across Mebane, NC, and the surrounding area can rely on the plumbers at Carolina Plumbing & Water Systems, LLC to handle every water issue at their home through dependable services including 24/7 emergency response repairs.

From water well repairs to general plumbing services, the locally owned and operated Carolina Plumbing & Water Systems, LLC employs a well-trained staff that is ready to tackle a variety of situations. Their team is up to date on the latest innovations and techniques in the field, including the installation of tankless water heaters. If you’re experiencing leaky faucets or clogged pipes, they will quickly assess the situation and deliver cost-effective repairs.

This licensed, bonded and insured company will educate you about the newest water systems on the market. If you’re concerned about the color or taste of your water, they will conduct a thorough test covering the hardness, iron content and pH level of your water. After your water treatment is over, they will suggest ways to improve your water systems, such as affordable repairs or replacements.

No need to look for a separate company to handle your water well services. Their technicians are skilled in water well repairs and maintenance services. If you need help with the upkeep of your swimming pool, they also repair pumps, filters and plumbing equipment.

For the “Trust, Integrity, and Guaranteed Service” your home deserves, contact the knowledgeable plumbers at Carolina Plumbing & Water Systems, LLC. Call us today at (919)563-3709

or email carolinaplumbing@mebtel.net to schedule an appointment 

Our Services

/ Tankless Water Heater(Endless hot water) repair and installation

Our Expert Technicians will evaluate where the best location of your new Tankless unit would be according to NC State Code. We will then give you a FREE quote on site! 

/ Water filtration system installation
Carolina Plumbing can take care of any of your water needs. We provide Free Water Tests We have Water Filtration and Conditioning Systems that will tackle iron, sulfur smells, sediment, hard water, PH, 
name it, we take care of it! 

/Coliform and E-coli Bacteria Testing is available with results up to 24 hours

/Water Well shocking/chlorination also available.

/Well pump repair and replacement
We have the equipment to arrive at your home and diagnose where the failure to your water supply is and repair or replace what's necessary in the quickest possible time. 

/Pressure tank repair and replacement
If Carolina Plumbing finds out that your well is not the issue, we will evaluate your water holding pressure tank to see if any failure's have occurred and correct or replace accordingly.

/Water Heater Repair & Installation
We service all types and brands of water heaters. Tank AND Tankless, Electric, Natural Gas, Propane. 

/Apollo Style Water heaters-(Provides hot water to Heat the home and domestic hot water for daily use.

/Pool filter repair and replacement

/Pool pump repair and replacement- Troubleshooting

/Pool Plumbing- leaks, replacement and repair

/ Pool step repairs/refinishing

/ Swimming pool Liner Repair and Replacement / Leak Detection

/ Entire home water piping repair and replacement

/ ALL Residential Plumbing and service repair from it's source to it's disposal

/ Leak Detection

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